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SpiderMan Venom Light Kit

Price: $6.99
Item Number: SpidVenom
Pictures just don't do this lighting kit justice! Tired of the Venom area not standing out on your Spider-Man playfield? This kit more than solves the problem! This lighting kit replaces the 3 clear incandescent GI lamps located above Venom on the playfield backsplash with blue incandescent lamps. This gives the Venom area a blue hue at all times and sets it apart from the rest of the playfield. This kit also replaces the clear incandescent bulb located in the Venom spotlight with a blue 3-LED lamp, casting a blue light onto Venom during battle. Most importantly, this kit replaces the clear incandescent #89 flasher lamp located behind Venom on the playfield backsplash with a 9-LED flasher lamp. When this 9-LED flasher goes off during the 3 different Venom modes everyone will take notice! Bright, crisp, blue "lightening" flashes will light up the entire area! Kit installs in minutes and comes with complete installation instructions. No permanent modifications to your game are necessary.

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