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GaryStern is a second generation pinball manufacturer. His father, the legendary Sam Stern, owned and was the moving force behind Williams Electronics beginning in1947. Gary worked at Williams during his school summer vacations, and after a period of practicing law joined Williams full-time in 1973. From 1976 until 1984 Gary and his father ran Stern Electronics, a pinball, video game, and jukebox manufacturer formed out of the purchase of Chicago Coin.
After a meeting atGary's house in 1987, Data East's Mr. T. Fukuda, Joe Kaminkow (then Executive Vice President of Engineering), and Shelley Sax (J.O.A.T.) made the commitment for Data East to fund a new pinball company. In 1993, after producing such successful games as Jurassic Park, Lethal Weapon 3, and Star Wars, Sega acquired the company. "From our perspective, the Sega acquisition was great forus," Gary stated. "We were very happy working with the fine people at Data East, and we made great games. However, as the typical cycle in the pinball business turned, Sega's commitment gave us the financial and technological where with all to make even better games."
Sega sold its pinball division to Gary in the fall of 1999, and Stern Pinball segued into its current incarnation. Since then, Gary and his team have built Harley Davidson, Striker Xtreme, South Park, Sharkey's Shootout, High Roller Casino, and Austin Powers; South Park was voted Best Pinball of the Year by Play Meter Magazine in 1999. Said Gary, "I have spent my business life learning the pinball manufacturing business and making pinballs. I intend to continue."



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