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Arcade Quiz Game for Android/Tablets (FREE)

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Item Number: Quiz-A
Think you know Video arcade games? Can you identify the machine from an in game screen shot? Well let's see how good you actually are. In this game there are 79 pictures taken from various coin operated video game arcade machines. Your job is to spell out the title of that machine from the random letters at the bottom of the board. Get it right and you have 10 more dollars added to your bank. Need help? Then purchase a letter for some of your money winnings. Try to get through all 79 if you can. If you don't have the time to play till the end now, you can stop at any time, and continue later without losing your progress. Made from my personal love of arcade games. I selected 79 games because that is the year my addiction to games started, and the reduction of quarters in my coin jar. This is dedicated to all of you that love arcade games as much as I do, and appreciate them for the fun, fantasy, and mental getaways that they were. Thank you for playing, and I hope you enjoy.


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